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  1. My word it has been a while since I last actually had 10 mins to sit down and write something without the cats meowing for attention , one of the phones going nuts, or just my general everyday stance of running around like a blue ass fly! Buzzzz

    If you are on Facebook you will have just seen that I have finished my accounts for 2011 and have turned a profit in my first official full time year of trading whoop!


    Id like to thank all the people who have supported me, put up with the tears, tantrums and all nighters, fed me galaxy to keep me sane and pulled me out of some dark holes when needed. Without you all I couldnt have done it. You know who you all are :)

    So you may want to know what 2012 hold for me and the wee business?? (or some of you probably dont give two hoots - but your reading this so you must)

     I started by writing a list of what I wanted to achieve in 2012, here are some of my thoughts;

    • To have the work featured in more publications - print and online                             
    • Chance my arm and use my press release writing skills that I seem to have aquired to smooze the media 
    • Do London Edge in September
    • Develop a range of 'affordable' yet 'quirky' silver pieces for an exclusive RW range

    All in all it has been a great first year of business. I have ventured to Tattoo Jam, Vintage Fairs, London Edge and other wierd and wonderful locations and met some equally wierd and most definitely wonderful people. Now I just cant wait to see what 2012 brings.... as long as its not flu!