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Spring in Ye Olde Shed

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Spring in Ye Olde Shed

I feel like ive neglected my wee blog of late, but then again Ive been that busy you probably wouldve thought I'd learned a new language in the form of 'Alien'.

Ive have a good few weeks, took part in North Lakes Tattoo Convention which was AMAZING, not only for the sales I made but the artwork these guys produce is out of this world! Eat your heart out Kat Von D and co. I met some great new friends who have been really supportive of my work. 'Mouse' the mouse moose is coming along and Kim from Skin Seamstress your awesome!

Also been doinga few craft shoes which unfortunately werent so great! As my dad said thought, 'its a ll experience and you wont do it again'! Very true Jimbob.
More things in the pipeline for the next few months, including Whitehaven Festival, Alt Fashions Vintage Summer Fair in Chester, London Edge in Sept and a few other suprises as well.

Im back with my little darlings at school next week and Im also working with a local youth group making their own jewellery - exciting times!

Spring Fling 2011 was a huge success! I was appointed project manager for Workingtons first Outdoor Gallery - let the stress commence!
All in all it was a fab launch with the Mayor making an appearance and alot of amazing artwork!

Ooo also a mini sneak peek at some new images the lovley Peggy Soo and Juliette October have done for. Donna from Click Click Bang your ace and soo talented!

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